We Deliver Knowledge for All

Since its foundation, the University Press has held an excellent reputation for producing learning materials which are highly acclaimed in terms of price and quality by both the students and the general public.

The role of the University Press is crucial within the whole university system. Unlike other university presses, the University Press is an integral part of the university, because our textbooks are tutorials per se to the students under the distance learning system.

Our main task is to produce self-instructional textbooks which amounts up to 600 subject titles, and other learning materials deliberately designed for encouraging active learning. Also we are responsible for efficiently providing the huge number of registered students with those materials in various formats at the right time and place throughout the academic year.

In 2004, the newly reorganized University Press launched an ambitious business plan, with a new brand name, "Wings of Knowledge", to expand our publication into general trade book industry not only for the students but also for the whole nation. In 2006, the Press started with another specialty brand, "Episteme", to focus on publishing scholarly books.

Being deeply aware of the fact that the important keys to make distance learning successful include both effective production of quality educational contents and efficient distribution of those materials, we promise to perform our duty wholeheartedly to support Korea National Open University, a world's leading Mega-University.